Setting SMART Goals

This week’s FREE tool is a nifty mnemonic to help you set SMART goals when transition planning. It comes from CEC’s Building Alliances, which identifies goal setting as the first step when building an action plan for transition. SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results focused, and Time bound—and they’ll make an excellent springboard for your transition team action plan! ...

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Tips for Parallel Teaching Success

This week’s FREE tool is a list of tips to help you achieve parallel teaching success. Coordinating space and time with your coteacher are crucial elements to conducting effective lessons side-by-side. This week’s tool gives you the quick and dirty on chair placement, use of space, noise control, and time management. It comes from the CEC book Leading the Co-Teaching ...

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The Many Functions of the IEP

For this week’s FREE tool, we’ve got something for the conference room wall. It’s a flow chart to help you keep track of the many functions of the IEP. The IEP is the central educational document for students with disabilities. It serves as a tool for: instruction, communication, management, accountability, and progress monitoring. This flow chart illustrates a big-picture view ...

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Case Manager Checklist

The Survival Guide for New Special Education Teachers

This week, a new and improved version of CEC’s tried and true Survival Guide for New Special Education Teachers is rolling of the presses! To celebrate, this week’s FREE tool comes straight out of the new book. In fact, we’ll be surprised if the ink is dry! The tool is a Case Manager Checklist that will help you manage your ...

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A Baker’s Dozen Style Tips for APA

Calling all writers! This week’s FREE tool is a “baker’s dozen” of style tips for writing in APA style. Stick this list on your bulletin board or plop it on your desktop, so you can find the answers to 13 common style questions without opening a book! Need to know more? The list comes from How to Prepare a Research ...

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