Collaborate Smart


Sharing responsibilities in the classroom can be as touchy as sharing responsibilities around the house! That’s why this week’s FREE tool is a checklist to help you and your co-teacher work out the who-does-what of co-teaching. The checklist, “Responsibilities of Co-Teachers” can be used to plan a future course of action or to evaluate current expectations. Fill it out together, or print two and fill them out separately. Using an objective questionnaire to prompt discussion about shared or delegated responsibilities can encourage honest and productive dialogue. Armed with clear expectations of one another, you and your teaching partner can look forward to a smooth and fruitful rest of the school year. The tool comes from CEC’s Collaborate Smart: Practical Strategies and Tools for Educators. This hands-on guide is full of useful tools like this one to help co-teachers plan for, carry out, and evaluate their work together.


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