Home and Community-Living Skills and Activities for a Real-World Curriculum

P6147We thought you might be doing some planning over the winter break, so for this week’s FREE tool, we’ve got a table, Sample Home and Community-Living Skills and Activities for a Real-World Curriculum, to help you on your way. This tool is jam packed with lists of real-world skills you might consider developing in students with autism spectrum disorder or other developmental disabilities. Skills are organized by categories such as daily living, safety, and community access and include suggestions for recreation and leisure activities that can be undertaken alone or in a group. You’ll never tire of ideas with this useful one-pager at the ready. It comes from the CEC book Footsteps Toward the Future, a must-have resource for teachers that will walk you through the process of selecting and implementing a real-world curriculum while also providing multiple tools and strategies for teaching real-world skills in a wide range of settings.

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