It Takes a Well-Managed Village

A successful transition to life after high school requires more than the work of one transition specialist or special education teacher: It requires the coordinated effort of a well-managed interagency transition team. To help you cultivate and maintain the kinds of school and community partnerships needed for successful transitions, this week’s FREE tool is a table listing strategies to help you keep your transition team running smoothly. How do you keep everyone on track? What are some strategies that promote participation? You’ll find the answers to these questions and more in this excerpt from “Integrating Transition Planning Into the IEP Process,” which is aimed at helping transition specialists work with school staff and community partners to create structured and goal oriented IEPs focused on transition. CEC’s Tool of the Week is a free resource designed to support you in your special education practice. Subscribe and it’ll be automatically delivered to your inbox!  Get your Tool of the Week.

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