Lesson Plans: Simple Machines & Motion

P5970_USTARS_Teacher_SetThis week’s FREE tool is a back-to-school bonanza of information to get you and your students moving in the new school year. We’ve combined two complimentary science lesson plans about simple machines and motion. One of the plans introduces these topics through a work of fiction, and the other introduces the same topics through a work of nonfiction. Both lessons offer concept maps and thinking questions to help you bring science to life through the power of storytelling. But there’s more! We want you to have the full U-STARS experience, so we’ve also included the corresponding family science activities, so you can get everyone involved! All of these materials come from the U-STARS~PLUS Teacher’s Set, a program that brings science and literacy instruction together to highlight student potential.

The full U-STARS~PLUS Teacher’s Set includes:


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