Making the grade

Co-teachers must collaborate on so many things: classroom arrangement, teaching styles, methods of instruction, and finally, grading, the subject of this week’s FREE tool. How do you feel about retakes? Do you prefer letter grades or portfolios? What is your homework policy? Answer these questions and more on your FREE tool with your co-teacher to be sure you’re on the same page! As an extra bonus, we’ve paired the questions with a list of tips for administrators on how to support co-teachers in their grading policies that will be useful as the new school year starts. Both the questions and the tips come from “Leading the Co-teaching Dance: Leadership Strategies to Improve Team Outcomes,” a CEC guide to managing the intricacies of co-teaching from scheduling to methods of instruction to co-planning. CEC’s Tool of the Week is a free resource designed to support you in your special education practice. Subscribe and it’ll be automatically delivered to your inbox!  Get your Tool


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