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Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports

This week’s FREE tool is one for the bulletin board in the teacher’s lounge. It’s a simple diagram of the conflict cycle that illustrates how a teacher’s positive intervention can break the self-perpetuating cycle of emotional crisis. The diagram is a great reminder for all teachers of the positive role teachers can play in diminishing conflict for their students, especially ...

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Differentiating Instruction

This week’s FREE tool is a table to help you create a learning environment that is welcoming to all learners. With topics that range from clutter-free space to the problem of distracting smells and textures, this “Learning Environment Checklist” will walk you through the considerations for seating, classroom organization, and classroom climate so you can lay the groundwork for learning ...

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Leading the Co-Teaching Dance

If you’re an administrator or a co-teacher you’re going to love this week’s FREE tool. It’s a chart with guidelines for assessing co-teacher proficiency. Administrators can use it to structure co-teaching evaluations; and co-teachers can use it to set goals and self-evaluate. Everyone can aspire for the rating “DARN, THEY’RE GOOD!” The chart comes from CEC’s Leading the Co-Teaching Dance: Leadership ...

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U-STARS~PLUS: Science & Literature Connections

Got a spring in your step? Spring flowers and welcome sunshine make this a great time of year to take a “listening walk.” That’s why this week’s FREE tool is a science lesson plan for teaching the fiction book, The Listening Walk. The lesson uses this story to teach K-3 science concepts around organisms and their environments as well as ...

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7 Steps for Success

April showers bring more than May flowers. They also bring notices of admissions status from many colleges and universities. If your students are busy making tough decisions about where to go to college next year, you’ll like this week’s FREE tool. It’s a table: Commonly Requested Accommodations for higher education. You and your students can use this list to brainstorm ...

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This week’s FREE tool is a list of sample paraprofessional tasks and activities to help teachers distinguish between instruction and support in the classroom. This list will help paraprofessionals draw boundaries around what they should and shouldn’t be asked to do for students. It will also show teachers the valuable support services paraprofessionals can provide. And finally, co-teachers can refer ...

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Bridging the Gap

Happy spring! The shift from winter to spring is a welcome one for most people, but the shift from arithmetic to algebra can be more challenging. This week’s FREE tool is a table, Disability-Related Learning Characteristics That Affect Learning Mathematics. As the title suggests, it describes particular learning difficulties and pairs them with explanations of how those difficulties might affect ...

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How to Prepare a Research Article in APA Style

Spring is upon us this week—at last! As flowers poke up through the ground and trees grow buds, we’re thinking about fresh starts and new teacher-scholars. So this week’s FREE tool is a list of miscellaneous tips for preparing a manuscript in APA style. Whether you’re writing your thesis, preparing final papers for undergraduate classes, or submitting to your first ...

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Providing Collaborative Transition Services Across Tiers

Can you believe it’s already March? Before you know it, spring will be upon us. With time marching by, we don’t want high school graduations to catch you by surprise, so this week’s FREE tool is a table, Providing Collaborative Transition Services Across Tiers. It offers teachers who are preparing students for life after high school an at-a-glance look at ...

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