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Communication Skills Checklist

Good communication skills require a higher level of self-awareness to gain an understanding of personal styles of communication. This Tool of the Week helps teachers identify areas of strength and needs in communication skills that are important components for successful teaming. This Tool of the Week comes from Collaborate Smart: Practical Strategies and Tools for Educators.

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Exploring Science and Literature with The Lorax

This week’s Tool is a lesson plan built around Dr. Suess book, The Lorax, which explores scientific ideas within literacy. Organized around Bloom’s Taxonomy to support a range of thinking levels and to scaffold learning, these materials incorporating 32 popular children’s books can enable a teacher to create a higher-level thinking environment around literature connected with science which motivates reluctant ...

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Routine for Word Problem Solving

This week’s Tools offers steps, including strategies, implementation, and suggestion use, for teaching word problem solving to students with autism spectrum disorders. This Tool of the Week comes from A Guide to Teaching Students With Autism Spectrum Disorders.

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Sample RTI Model

This week’s Tool shows a sample RTI model of the three-tier prevention system used. This Tool of the Week comes from Responsiveness to Intervention: A Collection of Articles From TEACHING Exceptional Children.

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Parents Facilitating Engagement

This Tool of the Week helps show parents the process for facilitating engagement when teaching new skills to a child with autism, as well as helps parents with the process for facilitating and extending engagement in an area of interest for their child. Parents work on goals that can help children be successful and function in society over time and ...

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Understanding Sarcasm and Irony

This week’s Tool is a lesson plan built around helping students understand and recognize the use of sarcasm and irony, tools for helping students develop social skills and be included in the general education classroom. Use these seven steps to guide you through establishing students’ needs to evaluating students’ retention. This Tool of the Week comes from Social Skills for ...

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Adult Outcomes: Incorporating the Transition Plan into the Student IEP

Students with disabilities need opportunities to gain employability skills, learn about career opportunities, and participate in career and technical training. This week’s tool, “Adult Outcomes: Incorporating the Transition Plan into the Student IEP,” helps guide the process and give examples of how best to incorporate desired adult outcomes. This Tool of the Week comes from Integrating Transition Planning into the ...

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Managing and Improving Student Behaviors

This week’s Tool provides educators with steps for managing and improving student behaviors. This is a three-step process involving the behavior evaluation, the plan of action, and the instructional behavior plan. This Tool of the Week comes from When Behavior Makes Learning Hard: Positive Steps for Changing Student Behavior.

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Tips for Using Co-Planning Time More Efficiently

To effectively and efficiently promote development, learning, and achievement by students with exceptionalities, special education must coordinate their efforts with a host of others who support that child’s learning. This week’s Tool provides tips for how teachers can efficiently plan together, even with limited time. This Tool of the Week comes from Co-Teaching & Collaboration: A Collection of Articles From ...

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Possible Factors Behind Parent Opposition

Use this week’s Tool to help identify common opposition issues from parents and possible factors behind their opposition. This Tool of the Week comes from Engaging and Empowering Families in Secondary Transition: A Practitioner’s Guide.

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