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Opportunities to Enhance Self-Determination

This week’s tool, “Opportunities to Enhance Self-Determination” focuses on the need for students to become self-determined through direct, explicit instruction, and gain confidence with practice and support. Time is of the essence to develop self-determination skills when students are in high school; these skills are essential for employment and postsecondary success. This Tool of the Week comes from Integrating Transition ...

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All About Me

This week’s tool offers a structure for appreciating similarities and differences in personal thought processes between you and your collaborative team members. It can be shared orally or in a written format but to be effective, time must be provided for discussion of the responses. This Tool of the Week comes from Collaborate Smart: Practical Strategies and Tools for Educators.

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Developing Communication Skills

This week’s Tool helps students who are preparing for college understand that communication involves not only what they say, but how they say it, to whom, and when. Colleges expect students to handle all aspects of their lives on campus without assistance from their parents. Students need to be prepared to speak for themselves on a variety of fronts. Parents ...

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ADA Amendments Act Impact on Student 504 Eligibility

The intricate definition of a physical or mental impairment impacts the implementation of Section 504 for school counselors and school staff. This Tool of the Week provides examples of the impact of the law in different areas of student eligibility. This Tool of the Week comes from What School Counselors Need to Know About Special Education and Students With Disabilities ...

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Reading the Prompt and Brainstorming

Use this week’s Tool to help students understand the steps of the writing process–from understanding the writing prompt to writing an essay. This Tool of the Week comes from Recipe for Writing Teacher’s Manual Revised.

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Expectations Within Routines and Settings

This week’s Tool offers a checklist of expectations within a student’s routine–helpful for setting up a reinforcement system. Teachers can use the whole checklist or parts of it to show a student’s his exceptations or where he succeeded that day, week, etc. This Tool of the Week comes from Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports: A Collection of Articles from TEACHING ...

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Redirecting Behaviors and Goals Into Appropriate Actions

This week’s Tool cand be used by parents to help redirect their child’s self-stimulatory behaviors into age-appropriate activities, as well as show steps for engaging a child in order to reach a goal. This Tool of the Week comes from Autism Spectrum Disorders: Family, Community, Social Skills, and Behavior: A Collection of Articles from TEACHING Exceptional Children.

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Student Self-Assessment and Behavior Evaluation

This week’s Tool offers a student self assessment and behavior evaluation. Use this week’s Tool to promote student achievement and parent involvement. This Tool of the Week comes from Teach Smart: Practical Strategies & Tools for Educators.

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Today’s Agenda

This week’s Tool can help younger students or students who require nonverbal cues due to emerging reading skills to organize tasks by creating a daily picture schedule and reviewing the schedule frequently. This Tool of the Week comes from Tough to Reach, Tough to Teach: Students With Behavior Problems, Second Edition.

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Acceptable Reinforcers/Rewards

This week’s Tool provides teachers and parents with a list of acceptable reinforcers and rewards for students with disabilities. This Tool of the Week comes from When Behavior Makes Learning Hard: Positive Steps for Changing Student Behavior.

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