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Schedules You Can Sail Through

Administrators, we have our eye on you with this week’s FREE tool—a table full of scheduling guidelines to help you keep your ship sailing smoothly! By following these tips, you’ll discover how small things like setting limits you can follow and seeking feedback from staff can help you create a schedule that works for everyone. The tool comes from CEC’s ...

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Word Problems We Can Smile About

Students make no secret of the fact that word problems aren’t their fave. But how do teachers feel about writing them? This week’s FREE tool is a table with tips for writing or adapting word problems with reduced linguistic demands. Simplified and predictable language in word problems will make for happier teachers and students alike! The tool comes from CEC’s ...

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You Heard, but did you Listen?

We’ve all had that in-one-ear-out-the-other experience, including our students. The good news is that everyone can become a better listener with a little training and practice. This week’s FREE tool is a lesson plan for teaching the difference between hearing and listening to help students distinguish between different kinds of input and to learn to focus on the information that ...

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Play Your Way to Better Behavior

Challenging behavior can disrupt learning for all students in the classroom, so finding the right method to address this complex issue is of utmost importance. For this week’s FREE tool, we have a table with information on how teachers can address challenging behavior through play.  The tool comes from “Addressing Challenging Behavior and Mental Health Issues in Early Childhood,” a ...

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Fluency that flies

Have your students been working hard on their reading skills all year? This week’s FREE tool is a table with fluency activities you can use to further student practice. Try activities like echo reading and choral reading to help students improve reading rate, accuracy, and expression as they repeat the cadence and expression modeled by their teachers and peers. The ...

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Tips for transition

With a student-to-counselor ratio of 491 to 1, there’s little doubt that school counselors are some of the hardest working professionals in our schools. That’s why this week’s FREE tool is a set of tips to help school counselors (and anyone working with transitioning youth) support students who are transitioning out of middle or high school. From goal setting to ...

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Getting it right for ELs

Addressing the needs of English learners (ELs) can be complex, so this week’s FREE tool is a table to help you identify the potential difficulties you may encounter with literacy instruction for these students. From phonological awareness to comprehension, you’ll find guidance and tips for effective reading instruction along each step of the way. The tool comes from “English Language ...

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Finding Friends in Your Community

Plan, plan, plan! That’s the ticket to an effective transition to post-school where youths have the chance to become involved members of their communities. The best transition plans are masterworks of collaboration that connect students to the community resources they need after high school. But how to find and vet these community resources? This week’s FREE tool is a handy ...

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Charting Inclusion

This week marks a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle for most schools, and that includes charter schools. If you work at a charter school, this week’s FREE tool will help you take this time to reflect on your school environment and its openness to the idea of inclusion. Are educators trained in how to support students with disabilities? ...

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A Behavior Plan that Makes the Grade

  We want you to feel jolly about classroom behavior, and holiday break is a good time to step back and evaluate your classroomwide behavior plan. So this week’s FREE tool is a self-assessment checklist to help you evaluate second- and third-tier positive behavior intervention and support (PBIS) in your classroom. Do you have knowledgeable staff to assist in behavior ...

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