Real-World Curriculum on Track

Educating students with developmental disability or autism spectrum disorder in a real-world curriculum doesn’t happen in a day—or even a year. Students need continuity. This means curricular activities in elementary school should look toward expectations in middle school, and middle school activities should prepare students for high school. To help you keep track of student progress, this week’s FREE tool is a completion chart for the real-world components students should work on as they progress through school. Has it been covered? If so, when? Did the student master it? Now you’ll know! The chart comes from “Footsteps Toward the Future: Implementing a Real-World Curriculum for Students With Developmental Disabilities,” an important resource for special education teachers dedicated to enriching the minds and lives of students with developmental disabilities. CEC’s Tool of the Week is a free resource designed to support you in your special education practice. Subscribe and it’ll be automatically delivered to your inbox!  Get your Tool of the Week.

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