Student Behaviors that Facilitate Inclusion Success

P6065_Guide_Teaching_ASDNovember is already upon us, and that gets us thinking about happy things like Thanksgiving and togetherness. In the spirit of the month, this week’s FREE tool focuses on inclusion. It’s a table called, “Student Behaviors that Facilitate Inclusion Success,” that will help you assess and target the key social skills students need to function in an inclusive classroom. Many of these skills and subskills can be challenging for students with autism spectrum disorder, so this table will help you acknowledge successes and target needs. The table comes from the CEC book, A Guide to Teaching Students With Autism Spectrum Disorders. This hands-on book is written for classroom practice and is filled with research-based strategies on an array of topics that range from classroom environment, to social skill instruction, to tiered instruction in reading, writing, and math. This table is just one example of the ways A Guide to Teaching Students With Autism Spectrum Disorders can set you and your students up for success in the inclusive classroom.

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