Tips for Parallel Teaching Success

P6067_Leading_Coteaching_DanceThis week’s FREE tool is a list of tips to help you achieve parallel teaching success. Coordinating space and time with your coteacher are crucial elements to conducting effective lessons side-by-side. This week’s tool gives you the quick and dirty on chair placement, use of space, noise control, and time management. It comes from the CEC book Leading the Co-Teaching Dance: Leadership Strategies to Enhance Team Outcomes. This instructive book emphasizes first and foremost that co-teaching amounts to much more than putting two teachers in the same room. It highlights necessary changes to school culture and offers guidance for providing co-teachers with the support they need to do their jobs well. Topics covered include scheduling, planning, conflict resolution, observation, and evaluation. The authors explain that “True co-teaching occurs between two individuals who have parity.” This list, “Tips for Parallel Teaching Success,” is just one example of the many ways this book can help make that parity a reality.

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